Sang e Mah Episode-12 Review: Mastaan Singh tries to kill Hilmand

The drama serial, “Sang e Mah”, airs on Hum TV right now, and it has 12 episodes. The story is very intriguing, and the characters are multilayered. The performances are impressive as well. We found the previous episode quite intriguing, but very confusing. As we saw in the latest episode, Mastaan Singh is trying to kill Hilmand to get revenge on Gulmeena and he is in critical condition.

While Sheharzade’s deprivation makes sense, her involvement with the household of Haaji Mastaan, calling him father, seems a bit out of place, but one feels that she does it because he is also Hilmand’s father. Zarghona sends back the basket of fruits that Hikmaat sent to Gulmeena’s house as a token of his proposal, and snubs Hikmaat for doing it on his own without his parents’ consent.

Hilmand visits the same Peer Zarghona visited. The Peer asks him to leave everything behind and become his novice, but he says that he has some unfinished business. His life has been unfair to him and he tells him everything about it. Peer is in a way complaining about God and his justice, in that a slave cannot show tantrums to its Master.

As we watch Mastaan Singh coloring his beard, we can see that his heart still wonders how Bibi Zarghona freed him in such away. When Gulmeena sends her message to him. He gets upset. In the middle of the night, he attacks Hilmand with a kirpan to avenge Gulmeena’s ghaag as he considered Gulmeena to be his daughter. By killing Hilmand, Mastaan Singh put himself again in trouble. He meets Gulmeena and tells her that he has killed Hilmand as revenge for her. Gulmeena is shocked.

A friend of Hilmand says that “Hilmand Ka Qatal Hoa Hay”, which is incorrect, it should be “Hilmand per hamla hoa Hay”. Haaji Marjaan’s reaction to it reveals how much he loves Hilmand. After beating Hikmat, he blames him. Haaji Marjaan’s character is quite complex, he has committed a heinous sin, guilt is eating him up, but he still has a fondness for people, for instance, his love for his wife and then he is worried about Hilmand; hence, he is quite intriguing, and makes us wonder if such a person could possibly commit such a brutal murder?

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